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Sorting solutions for Australia Post

The Western Sydney Sort Centre for Australia Post, located at Goodman's Oakdale West Industrial Estate, is a 35,000 sqm parcel sorting and distribution warehouse in Kemps Creek. Driven by increased e-commerce demand the automated conveyor and sortation system, when completed in full-form, enables up to 450,000 parcels to be processed per day.

Situated 12 kilometres from the new Western Sydney Airport, the facility provides increased accessibility to consumers with 80% of the Australian population within a 12-hour delivery window from the centre.

Facility overview

With increased online shopping demand, faster delivery times and population growth in Sydney's western corridor, the sort centre provides a vital asset to the area.

The parcel automation system will significantly reduce manual handling inside the centre and help to meet delivery targets and assist with safer operations. With sustainable supply chain in mind, 80% of the materials used in construction were sourced in Australia.

 Key features

  • Warehouse area spanning 32,809 sqm
  • Office area of 1,036 sqm
  • Dock offices spanning 346 sqm
  • Carparking for 252 vehicles.
Australia Post delivering to customers
Australia Post Sort Centre in Western Sydney
Australia Post providing a seamless service


Built with an emphasis on sustainable production methods, some of the key environmental features include:

  • 1.5 MW solar system
  • Electric vehicle charging stations for 14 cars
  • 140,000 litre water tanks
  • Drought resistant landscaping
  • Surfmist roof sheeting
  • LED lighting
  • Translucent sheeting for natural light
  • Structural upgrade to a full roof solar system (capable of supporting up to 3.3MW of solar panels)
  • Low VOC materials
  • Gross pollutant traps for stormwater treatment to remove pollutants and coarse sediment.
 A life cycle assessment will also be completed for the sort centre analysing how much embodied carbon is used in the construction, enabling the carbon footprint from the build to be offset into a carbon neutral construction.