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Sustainable supply chains

At Goodman, we know how we buy is just as important as what we buy.

That’s why we’ve developed a sustainable procurement framework to ensure the products and services we purchase don’t harm people or the planet.

Each year, we procure nearly $1.5 billion of goods and services through thousands of suppliers across our Australian operations alone. This places our procurement function front-and-centre in our sustainability strategy.

We are actively working with our suppliers to ensure the supply chains we engage with are responsible and sustainable.

Our suppliers and contractors are an extension of our operations and customer experiences, so the strategic use of procurement can help drive positive social, economic and environmental outcomes. Everything from ethical manufacturing to fair labour practices, modern slavery risks to diversity targets, recycling rates to embodied carbon emissions are in our ESG spotlight.

Goodman chooses partners with demonstrated credentials as responsible providers of goods and services. We are looking for suppliers that minimise their impact on the environment and deliver a positive social impact.

It is our intention to set targets and minimum expectations for our supply chain partners. But for now, we are working together to set a baseline, understand obstacles and opportunities, and initiate tangible social and environmental outcomes for the communities we serve.

Our approach is guided by our Sustainable Procurement Policy and underpinned by Goodman’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

We use a contractor prequalification and supplier safety management tool before we onboard new partners. Through this tool, we ask our contractors and suppliers a range of questions to understand their approach to ESG. Have they set net zero targets? Do their products or services have third party certification? Do they support Indigenous businesses? Have they set gender diversity targets?

This process helps us to understand how Goodman’s procurement spend can generate environmental and social value above and beyond the worth of the goods, services and materials.

We know not all our suppliers have a sophisticated sustainability strategy – yet. But by asking the right questions we share our expectations that our suppliers will start taking their first steps towards sustainable business practices. And we can leverage our scale to make a big impact across our supply chain.