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Goodman's solar goals in action

Our commitment to custom solutions, collaboration with expert consultants and providing its customers with innovations that also help the planet.

Goodman Group is investing in sustainable development and operational approaches, with the intention to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions by increasing its reliance on renewable energy sourced across the portfolio. Solar panel systems have therefore formed part of the base building development specifications, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from operations and developments.

Solar program

In Australia, Goodman has installed, or committed to instal, 50 megawatts (MW) of solar panels to date. By 2025, a further 50MW is expected to reach the 100MW target for the Australian portfolio.

So far, Goodman has installed over 22MW of rooftop solar on almost 125 properties. This equates to over 60,000 solar panels, generating approximately 30GWh of electricity annually – enough to power 5,500 homes or take 14,600 passenger vehicles off the road.

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Impact of the solar panel system

  • Clean energy – no greenhouse gas emissions are released during the conversion of solar to energy
  • Diminished dependency on fossil fuels – reduction on the portfolio’s impact on global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Modify the nature of warehouse rooftops – efficient use of a once obsolete part of the warehouse
  • Reduce capital costs of operations – reduction in costs of fossil fuel usage, i.e. coal generated electricity and electricity powered water heating.

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