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Smart Irrigation System

While rainwater harvesting is an ideal place to start saving water, the smart irrigation now deployed across Goodman’s entire Australian portfolio is reducing water use at some Goodman properties by 54%.

In Australia, water comes with both a sustainability cost and a financial one. While rainwater harvesting is an ideal place to start – and 65% of Goodman’s portfolio in Australia has harvesting capabilities – smart irrigation is a newer, technology-led solution that is reducing water use at some Goodman properties by 54%. 

Goodman’s industry-leading irrigation research and design program began in 2018. We saw a gap in the market for commercial irrigation systems that could be remotely adjusted. The vision was to help Goodman, and others, find more sustainable irrigation solutions, by moving away from the manually-controlled battery controllers.

Smart irrigation has now been deployed across Goodman’s entire Australian portfolio. When designing the system, Goodman worked with an irrigation expert with an agricultural background and a key plumbing supplier. 

The result is an industry-leading solution that is far removed from our former, manual operations, which relied on individuals monitoring local weather on an ongoing basis.

Previously, when big rains were predicted, contractors had to drive to every Goodman property, opening each individual green box (at an average of 10 per site, multiplied by 164 sites) and turning off the irrigation. Then, a few days later, they needed to return and turn the irrigation back on.

It’s easy to see the advantages of the current, cloud-based system. Under the $4 million system, the “little green boxes” are gone. But it still involves 343 controllers across the 164 Goodman sites.  However, today if it is raining, each controller can be switched off at the touch of a button using a smart device. This saves time and travel for landscaping contractors and ensures the job is completed precisely when it needs to be.

As Goodman’s smart irrigation can be turned on and off at a property level, state or national level, it can respond well to unique (or changing) weather conditions. It is so smart, in fact, that even individual garden beds can be remotely controlled.