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Green waste recycling ready to go national

A green waste recycling pilot project on several of Goodman's Sydney properties saw an estimated 500 cubic metres of green waste processed in just six months.

Lawn clippings, fallen leaves and dead branches are all natural elements.

It’s easy to assume they don’t have the potential to cause environmental damage, but when organic matter is disposed of in landfill, it acts just like other rubbish – emitting methane as it breaks down.

The solution? Finding a way to help contractors recycle and compost Goodman’s green waste, every time. Goodman saw the change as more than an opportunity to reduce our own potential greenhouse gas emissions; it was also a way to support our customers and contractors in their own sustainability charters. 

The first step was a green waste recycling pilot project in Sydney. For six months across spring and summer 2021, a selection of gardening contractors were supported to make one simple change. Instead of contractors removing green waste from Goodman properties (a task they are contractually required to do), they were simply asked to place all branches, clippings and leaves into a skip bin. 

North West Recycling Centre handled the rest. Full bins were taken to its recycling facilities where the contents were broken down into mulch, soil or compost before being repurposed for use on Goodman’s estates or sold to landscaping contactors.

This diversion of waste from landfill also delivered a commercial benefit for contractors. They were already paying to dispose of Goodman’s green waste, but Goodman had no way to track whether it was being burnt, taken to landfill, or recycled. The pilot project meant, because contractors now paid North West Recycling to responsibly handle their waste, they saved themselves the time and money involved in a trip to waste disposal. 
With around 500 cubic metres of green waste processed during the trial alone, the pilot was a clear success. As a result, we will roll out green waste recycling across all of Goodman’s properties in November 2022.