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Major LED lighting upgrade at Interlink Industrial Estate, Erskine Park.

Multiple benefits including a significant reduction in annual energy consumption and cost savings for the customer.


Goodman completed a LED lighting upgrade across two buildings and external awnings at the Kimberly-Clark facility at Interlink Industrial Estate, Erskine Park.


Well located warehouse leased to an existing customer that contained older style high bay warehouse lighting. The existing lighting is far less energy efficient compared to modern LED options, and often an ageing lighting system can reduce lighting performance and increase maintenance costs.


Replaced at total of 432 fittings (62 x 250W Mercury Vapour and 370 x 400W Metal Halide) with 432 LED fittings (39 x 95W LEDs, 23 x 75W LEDs, & 370 x 135W LED’s).


There were multiple benefits achieved from the LED lighting upgrade, including;

  • Energy reductions of approximately 70%
  • Significant cost savings of approximately $90,000 annually for the customer
  • Estimated 368,237kw reduction in annual energy consumption
  • Estimated annual reduction of 305 tonnes of CO2-e (based 0.83 Scope 2 emission factor)
  • Higher performance lighting improving occupant amenity
  • The project was eligible to create Energy Saving Certificates under the NSW Energy Saving Scheme, which partly subsidised the initial capital investment.
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energy reductions (approx)

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cost savings for customer (approx)

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reduction in annual energy consumption (approx)