Sustainability at redbank motorway estate

At Goodman, sustainability is about long-term thinking and leadership. Choosing to make a difference is more important than ever and we view sustainability as an approach that leads to positive economic, environmental and social outcomes for our business, our stakeholders and the future of our planet. 

At Redbank Motorway Estate, we have implemented a number of ecologically sustainable development initiatives that maximise efficiency and minimise environmental impact. Working closely with our customers at the estate, active practices include:

  • Rainwater collection for irrigation and amenity
  • Drought resistant landscaping
  • Solar hot water units
  • Translucent roof sheeting for allowance of natural light
  • LED lighting with various controls, including motion detection, PE cell and/or timer
  • Solar PV systems

In addition, Goodman worked in partnership with Australia Post at Redbank Motorway Estate to facilitate the install of 1 megawatt of solar on the expansive roof area on the 50,000 sqm warehouse. Utilising this space for 3,244 solar panels generates enough energy to power a small suburb for a year. This energy efficient measure helps to contribute towards our target of a carbon neutral status and to use 100% renewable energy by 2025.

During stage 2 of the civil works at the estate, the rehabilitation of 15 hectares of land has taken place, which included the following activities:
  • Planted 50,000 new native trees
  • Removal of noxious weed species
  • Reinstatement of degraded sections of the Brisbane river bank.

As the development at the estate continues, we remain agile to adopt new initiatives and ways of incorporating practices that provide our customers the space they need to succeed which incorporate sustainable solutions.