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E-commerce whitepaper

As e-commerce continues to grow, so do consumer expectations. Find out how businesses can leverage this shift online and future-proof themselves by strengthening their supply chain. Download whitepaper

E-commerce is growing rapidly, along with consumer expectations. Businesses are increasingly expected to be omnipresent and be able to fulfil orders anywhere, any way, anytime. They need to be able to meet these demands or will get left behind. To achieve this, amidst increasing global disruptions, organisations need to invest in strengthening their supply chain capabilities. 

E-commerce and supply chain can no longer operate under separate functions but need to be more tightly integrated. To future-proof themselves, businesses need to build resilience and optimise performance in supply chains. They need to streamline their logistics and move their inventory closer to consumers using distribution facilities located in urban areas.


The whitepaper covers the following:

  • e-Commerce and supply chains
  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Omnichannel retail
  • Streamlining logistics
  • Growing with Goodman

Download whitepaper


*Source: Gartner, The Future of Sales, 2020

It is predicted that by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels*.