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E-retail customer story: Amazon

Together, Goodman and Amazon have developed an e-commerce property solution that meets all the criteria for a precision-built distribution centre, always close to transport infrastructure so that products can be collected, sorted, stored and delivered in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Driven by the exponential growth of e-commerce, Amazon continues to expand its global operations. Increased product and service offerings and scaled infrastructure support its retail and services businesses and meet ever-growing consumer demand for rapid product delivery to the doorstep.

What began with Goodman’s development of a logistics warehouse for Amazon in Leipzig, Germany, in 2006, led to a solid, long-standing development relationship between the two parties. Amazon works with Goodman to benefit from our flexible approach to design and drive to meet customer needs. Since Leipzig, Amazon has called on Goodman for the delivery of 12 additional projects in France, Germany, Poland and the UK. 

To date, Goodman has delivered more than 1 million sqm of built-to-suit logistics space for the online retail giant across Europe.

All spaces leased by Amazon are managed and maintained by Goodman. They are kept in optimal condition to ensure they continue to add real value to the business. 

Amazon's requirements
  • Flexible, bespoke design with possibilities for expansion and upgrades
  • Specific internal layout for optimised operations
  • Sustainable features support Amazon’s Earth Kaizen’s programme:
    • Latest materials, technologies and processes 
    • Consumption and waste reduction
  • Rapid delivery to cater to seasonality of business
  • Large volume to stock entire inventory 
  • Close to efficient transport infrastructure
  • Proximity to large labour force
  • Easy access by public transport