Oakdale West was DA approved on 13 December 2019. Goodman is currently awaiting further statutory approvals prior to commencing works on-site. See below list of related documents:
Planning Applications & Approvals
Environmental Management plans and programs 
Community Engagement 
Current status of works  
  • DA approved in September 2019
  • Infrastructure works have commenced within the Oakdale West Estate and to the Western North South Link Road
  • Building works are planned to commence in June 2020


Our obligation is to provide the following:

Access to information
D143   At least 48 hours before the commencement of construction until the completion of all works under this consent, the Applicant must:
(a) make the following information and documents (as they are obtained or approved) publicly available on its website:
(i) the documents referred to in Condition D2 of this consent;
(ii) all current statutory approvals for the Development;
(iii) all approved strategies, plans and programs required under the conditions of this consent;
(iv) the proposed staging plans for the Development if the construction, operation or decommissioning of the Development is to be staged;
(v) regular reporting on the environmental performance of the Development in accordance with the reporting requirements in any plans or programs approved under the conditions of this consent;
  (vi) a comprehensive summary of the monitoring results of the Development, reported in accordance with the specifications in any conditions of this consent or any approved plans and programs;
  (vii) a summary of the current stage and progress of the Development; 
  (viii) contact details to enquire about the Development or to make a complaint;
  (ix) a complaints register, updated monthly; 
  (x) the Compliance Report of the Development; 
  (xi) audit reports prepared as part of any monitoring or environmental audit of the Development and the Applicant's response to the recommendations in any audit report; 
  (xii) any other matter required by the Planning Secretary; and 
  (b) keep such information up to date, to the satisfaction of the Planning Secretary. 

Access to information
D2 Stage 1 of the Development may only be carried out:
(a) in compliance with the conditions of this consent;
(b) in accordance with all written directions of the Planning Secretary;
(c) in accordance with the EIS and RTS;
(d) in accordance with the plans in Appendix 2 and Appendix 3; and
(e) in accordance with the Applicant's Management and Mitigation Measures in Appendix 7