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Dräger - Ferntree Business Park, VIC


Dräger is a leading international company in the fields of medical and safety technology. Dräger’s business operations run as two separate divisions; Dräger Medical Australia and Dräger Safety Pacific. 

Both are housed within their premises at Ferntree Business Park in Notting Hill, Victoria.


Dräger’s requirements were for a high quality, functional head office that allows both businesses to operate efficiently, with a platform for future growth. 

The new facility needed to incorporate warehouse and office space, plus a service area and carparking. It needed to transform a dilapidated 1970's warehouse into functional, high quality premises suitable for occupation by Dräger.


Redevelopment of the site for the Dräger facility saw the renovation of an existing 1970’s dilapidated brick veneer warehouse into a state of the art and functional office and warehouse facility. The new facility also incorporates a central open-air landscaped atrium.

The transformation involved demolishing a third of the warehouse to make way for the construction of a three level carpark and refurbishment of the remaining building and surrounding infrastructure to enable a connection to the wider estate.

The redevelopment of the warehouse allowed Goodman to reposition the existing asset for a higher and better use. This also created an opportunity for a connection of public roads from the front to the rear of the estate, providing a ‘book end’ to the Park by creating a feature at the end of the main estate road. 

The multi-storey car park increases the car parking ratios across the estate, which is a key requirement of current and future commercial customers.


Goodman adopted a collaborative and transparent approach with Dräger throughout the process to deliver a new facility that addressed all of their requirements and exceeded expectations. 

"After the initial leap of faith, the vision for our new facility was clear and the only challenge ahead was to set out the right plan and working relationship between all parties to execute it. Today after 12 months we occupy our new facility at 8 Acacia Place and it clearly exceeds all of our expectations. This is a testimony to the commitment and passion from everyone involved at Goodman, Qanstruct, Watson Young and Dräger. We worked together and the quality, functionality and aesthetic of our Head Office Facility is the lasting result.”
Alison Curren, Managing Director, Dräger Medical Australia

“One always lives with the fear that the tender ‘sales pitch’ will fall short of expectations during the executive phase. The decision to run with Goodman and in particular a refurbished 70’s warehouse site came with many risks. Not only did Goodman and their team (Watson Young and Qanstruct) have to convince the Dräger project team they could turn a ‘pigs ear into a silk purse’ but we in turn had to convince our own team that they had the capability to deliver our vision. I can now confidently say that a transparent, professional approach from all stakeholders has enabled the transformation of an existing building into a fantastic home and workspace of the highest spec and calibre. Well done to all concerned.” 
Andrew Hawke, Managing Director, Dräger Safety Pacific