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Customer charter

We are committed to providing outstanding customer service to our customers. The Goodman customer charter is a set of global service standards that we are committed to delivering. Our customers can expect the same high quality customer service whenever they are dealing with a Goodman team member.


  • Every customer will have a dedicated in-house Goodman team including a Building Manager, Property Manager and Portfolio Manager;
  • Each Goodman team member will be personally accessible to you via mobile phone and email;
  • Up-to-date contact details will always be made available through the Goodman customer website;
  • We will always be on call 24 hours a day / 7 days a week;
  • If any member of your Goodman team changes, we will communicate the change to you in a timely manner;
  • Each team member will act in a professional and approachable manner at all times.


  • We will keep in contact with you as often as you need, using your preferred method(s) of communication;
  • We will listen to you and be available to meet with you at a time and place that suits you, to discuss your needs and determine appropriate solutions.


  • A Goodman team member will contact you to offer a formal business review at least every twelve months, or as requested, to understand whether your space and our service are meeting your needs;
  • We will, with your help, keep your personal and business information accurate, up-to-date, and; 
  • Confidential so that all members of your in-house Goodman team are familiar with your business.


  • We will respond to your customer service enquiries and issues within one working day of receipt;
  • Your dedicated in-house Goodman team will take complete ownership of your enquiries or issues, co-ordinate with the relevant parties, and respond back to you with a resolution;
  • We will conduct monthly inspections on every property;
  • We will complete quarterly Condition and Occupational Health & Safety reports for each property;
  • Where Goodman is notified, every incident will be reported to our OH&S team to ensure fast resolution of issues;
  • When maintenance is required at your property, we will give reasonable notice where possible and seek to minimise disruption to your business;
  • We will be fair and consultative in our dealings with you;
  • We will use your feedback to improve our service.

The Goodman customer charter is a set of global service standards that we are committed to delivering.